Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Since You're in the Campaign Spirit...


The elections are over.  No more ads, no more phone calls, no more junk mail...until the presidential race starts next week.  I know you're going to feel the withdrawal.  I will miss the sincere love that I felt when I played back messages from Sarah, Newt & friends.  To fill the void & ease my campaign withdrawal, I'm starting a new campaign:

Overweight By '08!*
(or rather '11...but that doesn't rhyme)

If there is one thing I've learned about campaigning in the last couple of months, mediocrity not only pays, but is preferred.  So, why be accurate when you can be cute?

The cornerstone of my campaign is a desire to be overweight.  What?  Yes, overweight.  In another 15 pounds I will be merely overweight (based on BMI) for the first time since 2002-ish.  So, I'm not promising to overhaul Washington.  I'm not vowing to take down the Des Moines big spenders (does that even exist?).  There will be no oath to swear off politics as usual, in fact, I'm committing to stay the course.  I've been averaging about 10 pounds per month.  My new mini-goal is to be overweight by January 1, 2011.  With only 15 pounds to go, that seems like a reasonable goal with a little bit of wiggle room for the inevitable holiday splurges.  

So, who is with me?  Anyone else have a campaign they would like to launch in the post election let down?  Does anyone else have a dream?  Together, we can make this dream a reality.  We can take this fight all the way to a new level--nay, a new pants size.  We will stay the course & we will not stop until we have victory: Overweight By '08!

*Paid for by The Foundation for Shrinking Sara's Rump


  1. My advice? Don't splurge during the holidays. Not even once. I did that one year (deciding to keep maintaining weight loss) over the holidays and ended up losing two pounds. Just continue to make your healthy choices despite the offerings and you'll do great!

    I think Coraline needs a shout-out blog post for sucking the life out of you, too. Dash has helped me drop 55 lbs. I know. That's a lot of weight!

  2. I'd love to loose ten lbs and trim up some in two months.... by January 1st. Problem is I need someone to hold me accountable and make me stick to my guns. I really need to focus on my diet. That's my downfall. I've got the exercise part down.

    Sara, where do you find healthy dinner-time recipes for your family? Is there a website that you use? Or do you eat something different from what you're serving Dave and the kids?