Tuesday, March 15, 2011

100% Guaranteed One Pound Weight Loss in Under One Hour


Did I hook you with the promise of easy loss?  Did I peak your curiosity?  Did I make you lose a little faith in me for falling for some gimmick?

You CAN lose one pound in one hour.  I did it & so did 9.5 million other people (in 2006).  Impossible, you say?  What is this wondrous weight loss method & how can you join in the fun?  It is possible through the miracle of blood donation.  It takes about one hour to donate one pint which weighs approximately one pound.  Yes, you will gain it back & no, it isn't completely painless, BUT, if you time it right & weigh yourself right when you're done, you're guaranteed to feel just a little bit good about yourself just looking at the number on the scale.

Why talk about blood donation?  Ever since I had my son & learned that I am O Negative, I felt guilty about not donating blood.  I was fit as a fiddle & bogarting the popular blood.  You know what I did about it?  Nothing.  It took me three years to get over the fear, to get over the laziness, to get over the hump & just do it for the sake of being a good citizen.

So, I'm not going to talk about the children with Leukemia, the teenagers in car accidents, the 80,000 people in the US with Sickle cell disease.  I'm not going to mention that 25% of us will need some sort of blood product in our lifetime & the only source of that blood product is human donation.  I'm not going to bore you with the fact that someone in the US needs blood every two seconds.  Instead I'm going to appeal to your prurient nature. What's in it for you?  One pound gone.  If you're like me & didn't get out to donate for the kids, maybe you will do it for the scale.

Baby's First Blood Donation

Epilogue: While you're thinking about blood, check out my friend (both in the blogosphere & real life) Foy & her take on blood donation.  She is an avid gardener & great cook & has a LOT to offer on the subject of good, nourishing, local food.  Today she's taking a break from the green & growing to talk about the red & flowing as we agreed to do "dueling" blood blogs.  I'm sure her take will be a little more philanthropic than mine, but I figure the ends justify the means.

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