Thursday, June 5, 2014



Why do I insist on wearing/packing my rattiest, dingiest, holeiest undies for the gym?  It's like feeling like I don't fit in isn't punishment enough & my subconscious says, "Let's kick it up a notch--BAM--holes in the crotch of the underwear that you are trying to put on while balancing on wet flip flops, holding a towel under your chin & praying for death next to Work-Out Barbie & her friend Never-Had-Kids Skipper."  My sub-conscious is mean...& wordy...& thinks she's Emeril Lagasse.  But it's okay--BAM--I went anyway.  And I rocked my holey undies & my used-to-be-beige-but-now-it's-blue-because-I-wash-it-with-denim nursing bra.  Eat your heart out, Skipper.

Also, I'm really digging this reminder that I wrote for myself January 2012:

Dear Sara at 6:30 AM on Saturday January 7,
You will likely be frustrated when you get on the scale.  You will be mad because you've done your carefully planned regular workouts & you didn't magically lose 5 lbs.  In fact, in all likelihood you will have a meager loss or *gasp* a gain.  This is your pattern whenever you kick up your workout intensity. Also part of the pattern is your amazing ability to forget this fact when you step on the scale.  Please remember that your body is a complicated machine & takes some time to respond properly to the shock you're giving it.  Please also remember that you wouldn't have to be remembering this if you hadn't been such a slacker recently.  You don't have to ramp it up if you don't let it peter down.  Just sayin'...
Hugs & Kisses,
Sara at 9:13 on Tuesday January 3

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