Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And We Will Call Her...


Wait for it...
The Treadmill's name is Ursula. 
  1. "The Little Mermaid" is my FAVORITE Disney movie & Ursula is my very favoritest villain.
  2. Can't you just hear me whispering "Ur-seu-la has pow-ers" just like the nasty eels?
  3. The theme song just can't be beat...this one IS longing to be thinner!
  4. She's clunky & she's nasty, but I have to admit that I still kind of love her.
  5. It may seem like she's trying to kill me, but really she just wants to help.
And now, speaking of Ursula, a note to my future self on Saturday morning.

Dear Sara at 6:30 AM on Saturday January 7,
You will likely be frustrated when you get on the scale.  You will be mad because you've done your carefully planned regular workouts & you didn't magically lose 5 lbs.  In fact, in all likelihood you will have a meager loss or *gasp* a gain.  This is your pattern whenever you kick up your workout intensity. Also part of the pattern is your amazing ability to forget this fact when you step on the scale.  Please remember that your body is a complicated machine & takes some time to respond properly to the shock you're giving it.  Please also remember that you wouldn't have to be remembering this if you hadn't been such a slacker recently.  You don't have to ramp it up if you don't let it peter down.  Just sayin'...
Hugs & Kisses,
Sara at 9:13 on Tuesday January 3


  1. LOL I love the personal reminder. I have to remind myself of the same thing from time to time. Easy to forget isn't it?

    LOOOOVE the name for the treadmill. Now you can tell yourself that you're kicking Ursula's ass!

  2. Ha! When you mentioned in your post the other day about Treadmill's name not being so unfortunate, I straight away thought of Ursula! Great name, great movie and great song. I'm outside, so I can't hear the volume very well - but I know the words of the song well enough, I can lip-read it on the characters! I will be singing it all day. :)