Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weight Loss = MC Squared?


Recently I've had a few people ask me some variation of, "What is more important for losing weight: eating right or exercise?"

*sigh*  It's such a loaded question, usually packing the asker's predisposition for the "right" answer.  I don't suppose there is an ACTUAL right answer--if there is, I'm certainly not qualified to know what it is. 

For ME, weight loss looks a little like this: 60% what's in my head + 30% what's in my mouth + 10 % what my feet are doing.  Taking out the main element of the mental & emotional component, food is the critical piece of the equation.  This morning I came up with an analogy.

When I was in high school I took Physics to fulfill my school's science requirement.  Physics & I fought a LOT.  It didn't come intuitively to me & I didn't enjoy it, which made it a struggle.  I faithfully went to class every day but when it came time to do the homework, I often shirked it & I NEVER studied. 

Going to class is like exercising & studying is like eating.  My success in Physics was mitigated by my refusal to give my mind the fuel it needed to process what I was getting in class.  Similarly, my weight loss is hampered when I am in periods of giving myself low quality or low nutrition fuel, regardless of how much I am working out.  Without the proper fuel, both efforts are wasted. 

I passed Physics, but I don't want to squeak by with my body.  For me & my weight loss progress (note: when it comes to my overall HEALTH, I think exercise takes a more pivotal roll, this is just specific to my weight loss) I have to focus on the food I eat--high quality, whole foods not low calorie, processed junk.  When it comes to my body I want better than a C-.

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  1. I took a boot camp style class last summer and the instructor told us that your diet is crucial for weight loss. No matter how hard you exercise if you're shoving a dozen donuts in your mouth afterward it's going to be hard to lose weight (and of course isn't healthy either)! I will say though that exercise helps me with my diet. After a good run or workout it's much easier for me to make healthier food choices because I'm on a high and don't want to undo what I just did.