Monday, January 10, 2011

NSVs #2


It's been a while since I sat down & reflected on ways other than the scale that my life has improved or changed. 

*My BMI has decreased 16 points.
*I can run for 15 minutes straight (possibly lap ended on WiiFit & I got distracted by unlocking a new balance game, but I didn't feel like I HAD to stop).
*I think my blood donation went more smoothly because they didn't have to snake though as much fat to get to a vein (absolutely NO medical info behind this statement, just an observation I had...maybe it was all mental, which is good enough for me!).
*I have "the gap" between my thighs!--ladies, you know what I'm talking about.  It's small, but if I'm wearing yoga pants, it's there.
*I've got guns, clearly necessitating an entire rack.  This makes both my husband & son giggle.
*My posture is MUCH better.
*My house is cleaner--I've got more energy & that has gone toward me making a chore chart for myself & all of a sudden I have a clean house.  Yes, I am such a child that I have to have a chore chart.  I stopped short of cutting out pictures from "Better Homes & Gardens" & making a poster with sticker chart.  I figured that would be excessive.
*My husband & I have a new shared interest.  As one friend put it, we're "fitness enthusiasts."  Me?!?  What?!?!  I would have sooner said that Dave & I would start a local chapter of the Numismatist Association than sharing an interest in fitness.  But it's true, we now enjoy this together.
*I'm just plain happier.  This one is tricky.  I don't want to say that skinnier=happier.  What I will say is that the very act of dedicating the time & energy & money on myself has had a very unexpected & wonderful effect on my self esteem & self worth.  I never would have said that I was a self loather, but in retrospect, I was.  By focusing on my body & making it the strong, healthy machine that it wanted to be, I gave myself permission to view myself as strong & healthy.  Now I just can't get over the miracle that is the human body & all that it can particular my human body.  I now think of my body, health & life as a gift & a resource--how can I not be happy with a perspective like that?


  1. Hey Fitness Enthusiast! The Warrior Dash opened up more 'waves' if you do want to do join my hubby and I. We would just need to call to get moved to the same time. Keep us posted. Schwing! AH