Thursday, August 2, 2012

And Then I Wondered if I Was Accidentally in Porn


In my hiatus from blogging, I avoided all things blog-adjacent.  I didn't check Facebook, I didn't monitor comments, & I didn't watch my stats.  There was guilt in not writing & if I didn't see any evidence that I wasn't blogging, it wasn't an issue, right?

Anyway...last night I sat down with the laptop & dug in.  I read all of your kind & supportive comments, both on the blog & on Facebook.  I picked through my page hits over my four month absence & was shocked that people were still tooling around even when I wasn't here.  And then I took a peek at how people were finding me when I was so busy hiding from them. 

As expected, I found mostly Google searches for weightylife or some derivation, but something had changed in my absence.  My brand new #2 & #3 search terms were--I discovered after a quick jaunt to Google myself--searches for porn.

I was a little appalled that something I've written about (quite often, I might add) touches on enough key words to get some pretty frequent hits in the middle of the night.  Dave's response: "Gee, Sara, you're right.  It IS shocking that people use the Internet to find porn."  Fair point.

So, if you found me searching for porn, I likely proved a huge disappointment.  I did write a post once about the thrill of buying new bras, but that's as salacious as I get around here.  But now I'm pregnant so that clearly means things will get kicked up a notch: there's nothing hotter than cankles, flatulence & debilitating heartburn.  So all you porn-hunters better stick around.  It's about to get hot in herre.

For all of those who are here without thinking I am a porn star: thanks for sticking around.  Thanks for bolstering me up.  Thanks for not expecting me to take off my clothes.  It's the little things.

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