Friday, April 1, 2011

Time for a Little Less Hooking


I'm in love.  With a girl.  Named Kayla.  With whom I went to 2nd base (minor leagues--yes, I'm that lame that I had to Google what 2nd base was & subsequently learned that there is an altogether different set of bases for the "major" leagues).

Today I finally screwed up my courage, walked into Victoria's Secret & asked a perfectly lovely perfect stranger to measure me for a bra.  Kayla was probably all of 21, working her part-time job & miles away from having any clue about the ravages of baby-havin' or weight-droppin' on one's bosom, BUT she was very kind & very helpful. 

I tried on about 15 different bras & came home with 4 (multiplying my wearable bra selection by 4).  The big news of the day: I'm down to 2 hooks...2 HOOKS!  Kayla gave me a vague stare when I squealed with delight at the clasp, but previously I was a mandatory 4 hook kind of girl.  *Insert obvious hooker joke here*

Even better than my hooks, my band size went down more than my cup size--a relief for any girl, hooker or not.

I spent such an unholy amount of money that I got a delightfully subtle, pink striped umbrella with Victoria's Secret emblazoned on it.  I can't wait to take my kids puddle stomping with it...all of the moms at the park will be jealous...or think I'm an unfit mom.  Devil may care--did I mention that I'm a two hook girl?!?

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  1. I completely understand. Some of my "full coverage" bras went alllll the way up to FIVE hooks. That can take some time. And coordination.

    So happy for your fun new purchase. An ill-fitting bra can wreck your whole day.