Sunday, March 10, 2013

Back in the Saddle


Yesterday at 6:35 AM I woke up with a start & the horrible memory of canceling my 5:15 AM alarm rather than snoozing that it wouldn't wake Dave up.  While that seems nicey-nice, I promptly fell back asleep (a usually useful skill in the era of middle of the night feedings) & missed my first weigh in.

Here's where I'm super glad I picked a winner, not a wiener.  Though it meant that he would have to get three kids ready for our morning plans without me, though it meant he had to get up earlier than planned, though he was sleep deprived, Dave kicked me out the door to go weigh in.  

It's so easy as a woman/wife/mom/human to put yourself on the back burner.  I goofed & I didn't want my family to pay the price.  Dave reminded me that when it comes to getting healthy, the sacrifices that we make as a family in the short term are insignificant compared to the suffering it could save us in the long run.  So he got three kids up & started pancakes & bounced a screaming baby because there was no bottle in the freezer & everyone lived to tell the tale.  And though I missed my meeting, I weighed in & started my new streak of accountability--something that was invaluable the first time around.  I have to prioritize myself & the things that I need to succeed--& listen to Dave when I fail to prioritize because he's a clever fellow.

See how clever we are...

We were rewarded with a 2.2 lb loss.  Would have been more if I had gotten up in time to feed the baby beforehand.  That's what I get for being lazy.