Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Before" Jeans


So much of my prior process was marked by my jeans (see here, here here or here).

Fresh start appears to be no different.  Yesterday I decided to rifle through my closet & come up with some non-maternity jeans--not because I have a problem with wearing "maternity jeans," but because I have a problem with WEARING maternity jeans.  They fall off.  And then I'm in a situation where I'm actually displaying my previously confessed, utterly disgusting maternity undies.  Since that's not a show for the young or feint of heart I decided to see what I could find that would actually stay hitched up for my trip to pick up my son at school.

Good news: I found ONE pair of jeans that fit.
Bad news: They're my "Before" pants.  You know, the ones that I wanted to hold up in front of me & drop them away a la Tommy Lasorda's mid-80's Slim Fast commercials.  I didn't get to my goal weight prior to getting pregnant, so I never made the video, but I tucked those jeans in the back of my closet knowing that I'd get there.  Little did I know I'd get to wear them again in a less comical, more practical manner.

One of the last times I wore the "Before" jeans (April 2010)...I was excited
to be back into them from maternity jeans last time...this time notsomuch.

It's a little discouraging that I'm 40 lbs lighter than the last time these pants fit & here I am wearing them again.  It's not even the size of the pants that bothers me, it's just the fact that they are THE "Before" pants (the fact that they are hugely flared & completely out of style doesn't help my ego any either).  I know that having a baby four weeks ago means that my body is a different shape & a lot will change with a little time...I just hope that time is as little as possible.

In the mean time, I might just take a couple of Target coupons I found & get a couple pairs of "Until Then" jeans.  Why-oh-why did I have to be so thorough with my Goodwill runs the last go-around?

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