Saturday, October 23, 2010

Best "Bravo" Yet


For help with the food piece of the puzzle, I use Weight Watchers.  I love that I'm eating real food & focusing on controlling the quantities of consumption.  It's a plan for life: not on a diet, but eating a healthy diet.  I go to meetings at 6:30 on Saturday morning.  This started when I was working/commuting & it was my only option.  Now that I'm a stay-at-home mama, I could easily go any time I want...I WANT to go at 6:30 on Saturday mornings!  Life never gets in the way on Saturday morning.  I never have to choose between going out or going to my meeting, which eliminates the possibility that I would make the wrong choice.  The side benefit is that the other people who crawl out of bed (yes, we are all largely in sweats & I'm not the only one w/mats in my hair!) for an early morning dose of accountability are crazy-fun. 

This morning, our leader asked "who in this meeting motivates you?"  There were crickets at first, as is always the case during audience participation, & then it happened: "Sara."  One of my cohorts said that she enjoyed watching new people come & really grab hold & have success & I was doing that for her. 

I have figured out that this process is largely a selfish endeavor for me.  I hear lots of people say that they want to lose weight for their kids, spouse, dog, etc.  For me, I want to be a MILF...& I suppose I want to be healthy too.  I'm primarily in this for Numero Uno & that means that the work is mine, the responsibility is mine & the reward is mine.   No excuses.

That being said, I can't think of any better way to start my weekend than knowing that in the process of me doing me, I might have helped someone else take care of themselves, too.  I may be doing this for me, but I love the idea that the collateral damage of my selfish quest is that someone else might be spurred on in theirs.  As if all of those warm fuzzies weren't good enough, I got a little green "bravo" sticker, too.  Yes, I'm a grown woman who is still as motivated by stickers as I was in Mrs. Harold's 1st grade class.

Clutching my sticker, I cried a little, feeling completely overwelmed by the goodwill buzzing through the room.  Then I came back to reality & realized how thankful I was that I go to the 6:30 Saturday meeting.  Tears can't streak your make-up if you're too lazy to put any on.

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  1. Yay for you! You absolutely SHOULD be selfish in this endeavor! There is so much of ourselves as mamas that is given up for our children, you need to take something for yourself! Bravo that you have chosen your health!! :)