Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cagematch: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie vs Nectarine


We have a second fridge in our garage.  It exists for two main items: my obnoxious amounts of Costco produce & beer.  Really, the produce just squeezes out whatever space is leftover from the beer.

Yesterday afternoon I was upstairs while the kids were napping.  I started having the vague idea that I was hungry.  In the freezer of said garage fridge there is a container of cookies (victory side note: the fact that I have to freeze cookies when I bake them is a miracle in its own right).  It occurred to me that an oatmeal raisin cookie could easily be justified as a snack...raisins, oatmeal, it's practically health food!  Then inertia kicked in.  The garage just seemed too far away for one measely cookie (victory side note 2: Old Sara would have powered past that by eating MULTIPLE cookies).  It simply wasn't worth it. 

So, where is the victory in being lazy?  Fast forward one hour, still upstairs & now feeling genuinely hungry.  I started to think about that cookie again, but it still didn't seem worth it.  That's when I remembered the nectarines that are also in the garage fridge.  The distance that seemed insurmountable for a cookie seemed appropriate for a nectarine.  Once I got to the fridge to fetch my nectarine, I had the fleeting thought that I had already made the trek, I might as well grab a cookie while I was there--but I didn't.  Holy crap. 

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