Sunday, October 17, 2010

non-scale victories #1


For the purpose of keeping me focused & reminding me of progress, a list of NSVs to be updated as the mood strikes.

watch me hop back up!
1. when i get down on the ground i don't need a hand or a piece of construction machinery to get me back up

2. less junk in the trunk means my pants & shirts are the same size

3. i can run up the stairs to catch link's hijinx

4. i don't feel the compulsion to eat when i am _______ (select any human emotion)

5. i get to "shop" my storage boxes

you can't scare me, jillian!
6. tax deduction for all of my goodwill donations that are too big

7. i can see my toes whenever i want...they often need to be painted

8. my kid is excited to eat tomatoes, lima beans & whole wheat bread

9. i feel exactly 0.00 shreds of guilt when i watch "biggest loser"

10. i can mow through costco flats of fruits & veggies like i used to mow through baked goods


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Waiting for some major mama moments and real attitude. And Link's Quotables of course.

  2. Sara- I just love your blogs. The kids and I just read about the princess undies. That, my friend, is a classic!