Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chocolate: the Eighth Deadly Sin


Ugh!  Attack of the chocolate craving...it's like a killer tomato, only more points.

I've had a hard week of being hungry & craving junk--specifically chocolate junk.  Last night I found myself foraging for chocolate in my (relatively) sweets-free house.  You know what I came up with & devoured?  Two Market Pantry Chocolate Chip Granola bars (leftover from the 4th of July Parade) & three glugs of chocolate syrup (age unknown). 

I know I'm just hungry because my body is adjusting to weening & the loss of those extra calories, & I know I shouldn't be ransacking for chocolate like a junkie in a deserted crack house, but that's where I'm at...as evidenced by the look of guilt & horror that was surely on my face when Dave came downstairs last night & busted me in the dark with the fridge open, pouring Hershey's down my throat like it was the last drink in the Sahara. 

The silver lining: I'm really not beating myself up about it.  To quote Lincoln when he poos himself, "It's OK, it happens."


  1. So true... chocolate happens! You can go back to being chocolate free today :) I have moments like that where I just really really want something and as long as I don't eat or drink it every day, I know it's okay. I.E. Shamrock Shakes. :)

  2. These biscuits come out just right for dunking in milk!