Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glass(es) Half Full


I've been wearing my glasses this week.  Slow news day...

So, who really cares?  Probably no one, BUT I realized that I haven't worn glasses during the day in a LOOOONG fact, if I hadn't run out of contacts, I probably wouldn't be wearing them today.  I used to wear them fairly frequently, so what gives? 

I used to try to hide my face behind my clunky frames.  I thought if I broke up the visual of my face it might seem a bit smaller:
Full Disclosure: a) I am exactly 94 months pregnant in this picture & b) I absolutely love this picture, puffy face & all.

It's not that I consciously decided that I didn't need to do that anymore, I just gradually stopped feeling the need to hide & so I stopped wearing my glasses on a daily basis.  For comparison:
I hadn't given it a second thought until my procrastination got the best of me & I realized I couldn't wear my old lenses for another day without risking some sort of eye rotting disease. Related side note: contacts are expensive.

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  1. You look super cute with your glasses and totally slim face :)