Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Sara & the Deathly Hollows


I look tired.  I'm not tired (not any more tired than any other mother of small children, at any rate).  Yesterday I looked REALLY tired & I was feeling fine.  My mother gave me that mom look, "you look pekid, are you feeling all right?"  I could here her eyes clucking over me.

So why is it that I look like I just pulled an all night-er with Charlie Sheen & the Gosselin Sextuplets?  The fat has drained out of my face leaving dark hollows under my eyes.  But rest easy, the fat under my chin seems to have a death grip on my jaw, so I won't be completely lonely.

What a funny process this is.  On a slightly less funny note, I've come to a really comfortable place in regards to my sloooowww progress of late.  I touched on it in another post...almost as a toss away, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.  Ready for a truth bomb?

The way I eat, the way I exercise, the way I expose myself to perfect strangers (te he he): it's all a part of the way I LIVE now.   As such, the scale becomes a side effect (like diarrhea or shortness of breath, only a little more pleasant).  If I wouldn't be doing anything any differently, it doesn't matter how long it takes to get to "goal" weight.  It will happen when it happens & in the meantime I'll just keep living my new life.  Huh.  Weird.

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