Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Got Back


I had a delicious realization about my back yesterday--no, not Sir Mix-a-Lot style, my ACTUAL back. 

I have had back pain to a greater or lesser extent since I was in middle school.  Probably started because I got boobs, was exacerbated by my bad posture & then kicked into high gear because of the extra weight.

As an illustration, it would be so bad on a regular basis that I would have Dave put the dishwasher detergent in after I loaded the dishes because it hurt too much to bend over with the box of powder & maintain control of the box & my pain.  If he wasn't around I would brace myself on my knee while I poured, holding my breath the whole time.  As I effortlessly poured flakes into my dishwasher last night I realized that I had been doing that for a good long while without even thinking about it.  Now, when I do have pain, a little heating pad & a couple of aspirin do the trick just fine until my body warms up to the day's activities. 

Lest I take it for granted, my daily life is better in innumerable minuscule ways that add up to one heck of a big change overall.

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