Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Goal Goal: Weekend Update


I've been quiet this week, but let me start out by saying that I was quiet with was a 3.6 lb week!

Here's what I was doing while I was being quiet:
  • taking a multi-vitamin every day
  • Bless you, Ikea, for making shoe storage fun!
  • drinking 90 oz of water every day
  • going for my longest run ever on Monday...5.14 miles!!!
  • turning my ankle Monday evening
  • ignoring my turned ankle & walking Ikea all day on Tuesday
  • eating meals out of our freezer so I wouldn't be tempted with the excuse that I was too busy to cook
  • tracking every B.L.T. (bite, lick & taste)
  • visualizing my mini-goal of 1.875 lbs for the week to keep me on track for The Goal Goal
  • overseeing the assembly of my newest love, Hemnes the shoe cabinet
  • re-purposing a previously re-purposed microwave cart into (what I hope will be) the best birthday gift my son could ever want
  • eating a reasonable/pre-planned meal at Hu Hot with good friends
  • focusing on good food choices while I nursed my ankle
  • staying surprisingly calm about my impending 7 mile off-road race
  • measuring everything I ate
  • eating a reasonable treat (half of a king size Snickers with Almonds...4pps!)
  • organizing my junk drawer
  • organizing my bulk grains, beans & pastas (it's ok if you think I'm a geek)
  • day dreaming about what I will wear on New Year's Eve when I'm at goal
When I was in sales, on months that we had a big goal, we would try to be about two thirds to goal by the half way point in the month.  I don't know if that is realistic, but I would like to be more than half way to my goal by the end of Week 4.  That would be less than 141.5 lbs by the end of November.  With the good start I gave myself, I think that's attainable, I just have to stay focused & keep planning ahead when it comes to all of the upcoming social events engulfed in food.  Planning & mentally rehearsing are the name of the game.  Week 1, I owned you.  Week 2, welcome to the jungle.

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