Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Goal Goal


Another 2.4 lb gain...not nearly so hard to swallow as my previous turn at the same gain.  I think by the time I stepped on the scale I had already faced the music & the weigh-in was just a formality.  I've been mulling over my plan of attack for the last few days & here is what I have come up with:
  1. Though public, timed goals make me queasy with anxiety & fill me with fear & raise my obsession level to an unhealthy level, they also work.
  2. In retrospect, most of my major milestones have come at the end of a goal with a specific time limit.
  3. I am 15 lbs from goal.
  4. New Year last year was absolutely magical, marking the end of obesity.
  5. There are 8 weeks until New Year's Eve (which just happens to fall on a Saturday/weigh-in day).
Any guesses where I'm headed with this?  *gulp*  I want to be at my final, end, glorious goal of 134 lbs by New Year's Eve.  This breaks down to a weekly goal of 1.875 lbs lost per week.  Lofty?  Incredibly.  Impossible?  No.  I'm calling it The Goal Goal--because it's the goal to...goal.

Over the course of my journey I have had SCADS of mini-goals that have propelled me over the bulk of the 135 lbs that I will have lost by the time I get to goal.  Those are the bread & butter of this journey.  However, the magical milestones (end of obesity, 100 lbs gone, healthy weight range) were all at the end of a push where I gave myself a specific timeline & declared it publicly. 

So here's to The Goal Goal, may it be challenging but not impossible, focusing but not all consuming.  Cheers!

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