Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Fifteen Minutes


 In October, I wrote a little blurb for a Weight Watchers essay contest.  It was a short little essay & in all honesty I wrote it in 20 minutes...I've had a little practice at blathering about my journey.

In the first week of December, I found out that I didn't win the Grand Prize, but I did win one of the 100 First Prizes: a $100 Macy's Gift Card.  Said gift card disappeared in a flurry of after Christmas clearance excitement & I now own an exceedingly impractical Coach wallet.

In Mid-December I received a call from a WW PR person asking if I would mind being featured on a local news spot to talk up WW & my progress.  I'm a pretty open book, so I said sure, gave her some contact info & some general times that work well for me.  She said the spot would be in Mid-January & someone from our local NBC station would get in contact with me.

Fast forward to last week.  No one had gotten in contact with me & I assumed that I wasn't interesting.  No big deal...I have my wallet to validate me.  When the WW rep called me back to confirm that we were on for January 10, I nearly threw up.  Wires crossed, everyone thought the other had talked to me...they're coming to my house today to tape...something. 

I'm feeling a little apprehensive about the whole thing.  I take very seriously my responsibility to choose my words on the subject of shedding pounds.  I love blogging about it because I have a delete button & I can make sure that each phrase perfectly states my thoughts...or at least my thoughts at that very moment.  I remember being the 269 lb girl seeing a "success" story & thinking "Well, I'll never be able to _____, so why bother trying."  The idea that I might say something that seems flippant or disingenuous or impossible, causing another 269 lb girl to feel like there's no hope, is absolutely terrifying.

That being said, I've done some mental rehearsing & I've got a few phrases bouncing around in my head that are non-negotiables.  And even more important, thanks to my Facebook peeps, I've got a rockin' outfit planned. 

Last night I posted four options:


Going into it, my faves were #3 & #4, & Facebook seemed to concur.  As I was having my date with Ursula this morning, I think I decided on #3 for the following reasons:
  • When I was a tween in the early 90's, my mother tried to tell me that olive looked good on me.  I promptly vowed to never wear olive again.  This is my public apology to my mother for being a little puke.
  • More importantly, black is the signature color of all women overweight, obese, or struggling with body image.  Old Sara's closet was ready for a Goth Convention or a funeral or even a Goth funeral.  All black, all the time.  In all fairness, black & gray are still my absolute favorites, BUT for this, I think I want to wear color. 
I have no idea when they are planning to air this.  I have no idea what it is actually going to entail.  The WW rep said they will want to film me "doing what I do."  Well there's NO way I'm taking them down to the dungeon basement to see Ursula & taping me sitting at the computer tracking my food doesn't seem like riveting television.  Not my problem, though.  I'll post to Facebook when I know the air time (for my local friends) & I'll try to post a link to an online video if one is available for my out-of-town pals--should be good for a laugh 


  1. Good for you! Congrats to you and I liked number three the best as well. I agree about black being a color we hide in. You look great.

  2. Make a snack!!! Show them how important menu planning is!! I am cheering for you from home!!! Good LUCK!! I AM GOING TO CHANGE out of my gray outfit right now!!

  3. can't wait to see it...feeling like I want to change out of my black shirt about now :)

  4. I like the olive green blouse!! Looks great on camera!

  5. I like the outfit, looks awesome.

    Good luck...how exciting!