Friday, January 6, 2012

Sometimes I'm a Crazy Cat Lady


I have a cat, seen here:

He was in my life before Dave, before kids, before dog.  We are quite convinced that he is silently seething, waiting for all of the pesky interlopers to leave so it can go back to the way it should be--just me & my cat.  He loves me & only me.

Like many of his feline counterparts, he can be a real a-hole.  Like many people who own cats, I sometimes try to decode what he would say if I would bother to learn how to speak cat (because clearly he would NEVER stoop to learning English). 

Gaston is crazy skinny.  On a fluffy day he weighs 6 lbs.  Last night, as he was sitting in my lap for the sole purpose of stealing my body heat, I was petting him & I said, "You're getting too skinny, we need to fatten you up so there's more for us to eat when the tough times come."  He turned around & gave me a look that said (beyond a shadow of a doubt),

"Not all of us have binge eating issues, Lady."

Apparently I'm NOT my own harshest critic.

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