Friday, July 15, 2011

Born This Way


This morning was absolutely spectacular...aside from the fact that there was 873% humidity at 6:00 AM.  Other than that, perfect.

I had the most lovely evening last night, looking back at what I've done, oogling my progress charts, re-reading old blog posts from "mountaintop" times & watching "Big Brother"--ok, that is irrelevant, but I do so love it. 

I knew that, having recently reigned in the tracking monster, it was time to re-tackle the exercise beast.  I was READY to end my lackadaisical workouts of the last month & hit it hard.

I went to Curves at 5:45 & went directly out for a run after that.  It felt good.  Mind you, I still stand by my prior statement that I don't love it & I don't even particularly enjoy it, but it felt good.  It struck me, as Gaga was in my ears wailing "baby, I was born this way-hey," that I was born "this way."  Maybe it's a stretch from the song's actual intent, but I was really overwhelmed by appreciation for my body.  I was born with a whole, healthy body.  I don't have a faulty valve in my heart or a painful & debilitating disease, I have health & strength & vitality available to me if I just put in the effort to cultivate it.  Much like reading & math & writing skills have to be fostered & nurtured, lest a mind be wasted, so running & lifting & moving are skills that need to be "exercised" to reach their full potential.  The body--yes, even my own body which I am so often prone to loath--was born with the ability to grow strong.  I was born this way.  Who am I to waste such a gift in the face of others whose bodies are fraught with weakness to overcome?

None of this is to say that I, for even one second, believe that there is some sort of magical destiny at work in some people's lives that cause them to "have it" while others are left seemingly fettered by impossibility.  I'm strictly talking about the potential of an otherwise healthy body to allow someone to work hard for what they want & appreciating all of the many wonderful possibilities that come with being "born this way."

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