Monday, July 18, 2011



It is H-O-T-T hot outside.  I knew a fellow in college who was full of colorful expressions & this is the kind of hot that TR would have deemed "hotter than two dogs [doing something indelicate] in a wool sock."  I'll spare you his original verbiage, but you get the idea. 

Because of the heat, I had planned on treadmill running at the fitness center at Dave's work, where they have so kindly opened the facilities to spouses.  I woke up & my fear of gyms gripped me hard & though I was awake & craving a run, I sat there fretting for long enough that I decided I had to go run outside because I had wasted my driving time being a frightened goose.

I've been going back & redeeming my C25K experience, doing the runs that I skipped in the interest of time on the way to my 5K.  I decided that I would do one of the short interval runs to help me cope with heat & humidity (aside: I'm in awe that I consider 3 minute intervals "short!").  Good idea.  The air was so thick & while I have gotten much better with heat since I have shed pounds (Dave & I unscientifically figured out that my body feels the temperature about 15 degrees cooler now!), I still don't sweat very well so my skin just gets sticky & doesn't really cool off well.

Because of the stickiness, today was the first day that I have felt like surgery is an inevitable at the end of this process.  The topic of cosmetic surgery after weight loss is extremely controversial.  I have taken a fairly political stance on the issue, feeling like it's an individual choice.  As for me personally, there are too many variables for me to know what I'll look/feel like when I'm at goal & have given my body a chance to bounce back.  Even a small, elective surgery has risks & who knows if the negatives of my extra skin will weigh out the risks.  But, Holy Bat-wings, Batman!--today I didn't feel like it was a choice.  The skin under my arms rubbed so raw, sticking with each stride, that I nearly quit running.  Instead I opted for a flapping, airing-out posture that was neither attractive nor efficient.  I think my legs would have had a similar problem, but thanks to Old Navy for cheap compression shorts that keep my thighs in check. 

I'm not about to head over for a consult today, but there might be something to the idea that the skin hampers me physically, not just visually.  Food for thought.

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  1. My sis in law had the last bits of fat removed from her tummy/thighs/arms after dieting & working out her whole adult life and had them take off the extra skin too. No matter what she did none of that would change for her so she opted to reward all her hard work with surgery. it is def a very personal choice that shouldn't be taken lightly but should also def not be looked down on. When the time comes just make sure you do what is right for you and what makes you happiest! Very impressed with all you've accomplished, btw.