Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Omaha Vacation, New Sara-Style


Over the Fourth, we packed up the van & headed to Omaha for a mini-vacation.  We had a was quite possibly one of my most favorite vacations of all time.  Through the miracles of the internet we scored some great deals on everything from lodging to meals to the water park (deals make it more fun for the grown-ups) & had a great trip for not a lot of coin.

On the drive home, Dave & I couldn't help but think about what this trip would have been like for Old Sara.  We ditched the van as much as possible in the interest of preserving good parking spots & we walked everywhere.  To dinner, to the children's museum, just to go for a constitutional...we put a lot of miles on the stroller.  And that's not even factoring in the walking at the zoo (blast you Henry Doorly for putting your fabulous zoo in the middle of a Mid-Western mountain range) & at the children's museum (twice).  Old Sara flat out could not have kept the pace that we did.  Old Sara would have been hot & crabby & wiped out...after Day 1...moping about all of things that she missed. 

I'm so proud of my accomplishments, but it gives me even greater joy to see how this life is rippling into my kids' lives.  No more do I have to feel guilty for holding Lincoln back from exploring something fun because it might make me look awkward or ugly.  No more am I spending more time tugging at my swimsuit than charging down the water slides.  No more am I spending more time in the hotel room than on the town (even if "on the town" looks a little different than it did two kids ago).  No more am I modeling shame & fear & self-loathing & letting those things dictate what I "can" do.  Most importantly (& most recently), no more am I thinking about my weight 24/7. 
Hatchback Picnic on the Fourth of July
Thank you, Omaha for a fun time, a great weigh-in "on location" & a reminder that I'm not getting rid of this weight for myself alone, but also for my wonderfully weird family.

Here are a few highlights of the many things we did while I wasn't thinking about my weight:
I would never have a)picked my way into the spider web or b)allowed myself to photographed in a fat-rolling-crouch (notice the rolls are still present, I'm just more at peace with them).

Notice the wet hair: I got wet & wild at the indoor water park...slides & all.  It has probably been 15 years since I willingly got my hair wet in any sort of large body of water.  Don't worry, I still have enough fat to float.

A decidedly horrible photo...not sure what it was supposed to be a picture of, BUT--look at those legs.  Those are mine.  Wha-hah?!?!
Even New Sara can appreciate a wall of Jelly Bellies & a well deserved small treat. 
Speaking of's not everyday you hit your 100 lbs Lost on WW mark (115 total).  Ugg sale?  Yes, please.  I can't wait for winter so I can wear my first pair of TALL Uggs now that my calves will fit! 
OK, so this doesn't show ME pushing the land-barge all over Omaha, but I did my fair share & we did a LOT of walking.  We did the Old Market a few times & had a great time exploring downtown on foot.
Slow dancing, just me & my baby.
Old Sara's Hatchback Picnic would have been McDonald's.  New Sara ran into the grocery store for things like bananas, reduced fat Lunchables.  Not the best, but definitely better than the Golden Arches.
Consoling Coraline after the second of two athletic feats of splendor that kept Coraline's injuries down to a dull roar & us out of the ER while on vacation.   This particular one involved me making a dive & clotheslining/catching Coraline as she tried to walk straight down a slide.

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  1. Sara - you crack me up!! And it's been awesome to "go" on this journey with you!! :)