Monday, December 5, 2011

The Treadmill


The Treadmill is a tricky mistress.  First off, & most importantly to me, I just can't find a suitable name for her. I've never had a "tricky mistress," so I don't know any names that would imbue the right feelings...the longing, the repugnance, the guilt, the elation (yes, this is really how my mind works & yes, I've been struggling to name my treadmill since Tuesday & yes, I've been wracking my brain to find just the right famous mistress or hooker & nothing sticks...yet).  I asked Dave & he's never had a tricky mistress either, a fact that makes me happy in real life but is useless to me now.

First Date Jitters
So, she's still just The Treadmill, but I think I love her...& hate her...& need her.  This morning was our 4th date.  Our previous three, we kept it on manual & I just tried to survive & not give into the intense desire to quit early.  Today I ventured into one of her programs.  I did 30 minutes of varying inclines at a pretty manageable pace.  It felt good.  The time actually went quickly, although some credit must go to an engaging episode of "Firefly." 

I've always been awful at "home fitness."  DVDs, video games, resistance, plyometrics...I make big plans & I ditch them after a couple of days.  Maybe I just needed to buy a DVD that was worth more than our car.  The investment is certainly a motivator.  I'm chalking it up as worth it because (don't look now) I'm looking forward to running & I'm getting value out of time that would have been wasted, or at least not used for exercise.  This was my first morning run, all of our other dates were during nap time!  Nap time!  That time of day when I half love/half loath the fact that I'm chained to the house.  What a thrill to be able to use that time for something that is just for me.  I'm still working to find the routine that works best, but I am very excited about the process & feel very good that this is a step in the right direction toward goal.  I think The Treadmill feels good, too.  I can only imagine all of the treadmills in the factory pining after their forever homes & hoping for a family that uses them for more than just a drying rack.  You are more than just a drying rack to me, my dear.  You are _____.  It will come...