Thursday, December 29, 2011

Moscow Filet


Last night we went out to dinner with my dad & step-mom prior to our annual viewing of Jolly Holiday Lights.  There's nothing more magical to a car full of littles than Christmas lights as far as the eye can see.  But that has nothing to do with dinner...back to dinner.

We went to a local Russian restaurant that is simply wonderful & simply decadent.  We had appetizers (which I sampled moderately) & drinks (which I enjoyed reasonably) & I had a beautiful steak for dinner.  When the food came out, my dad jovially commented, "You're not going to put THAT on your blog."  Ha ha, dear Father, little did you know that in saying that you secured a starring role in today's musings.

I immediately responded, "Of course I am--why the heck not?"  (As a completely unrelated side note, Lincoln has taken to saying "What the hex?!?!" & I think it's too funny to make him stop.  Bad Mommy, so bad.)  I then proceeded to tell my dad exactly why I had ordered what I had (a lean center cut of beef stuffed with veggies with a plain baked potato & grilled asparagus) & that even in its opulence, there was no need for hiding food. 

A negative side effect of "going public" with a lifestyle change is the unwanted critiques that follow--from family, friends, strangers at the gym--everyone has an opinion on what & how much I should eat.  I've learned through this process that there are actually THREE topics from which one should remain clear in mixed or uncertain company: religion, politics, & food.  Food is so personal & so linked to our sense of home, safety, happiness, security, status--really everything important.  When people feel called to task on what they are eating (whether genuinely or just perceived), they get all up prickly & poufy like a spooked cat.  I'm no different.  I rushed to justify my meal choices when no defense was needed.

So, if you would like to know what I ate at Irina's last night, you can see it here.  It was delicious--& even more delicious as I ate the leftovers for lunch.  I'd love to say that fillet is a normal lunch food at Chez Sara, but in reality, I probably would have had some form of leftover out of the freezer, because that's how I really roll. 

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  1. Holy Moley that looks delicious! We've never been to Irina's but now we may need to! Everything in moderation, right?!