Sunday, February 12, 2012

Food Creed


I know that there are people that look at me & say "Look!--she's DONE it."  Verily I say unto you: it's never done.

I knew this was going to happen.  After every "big" event in this process (ie: major weight milestones, races, acknowledgements) I've had a corresponding mental backslide.  Sometimes (as with now) I've had accompanying weight gains.  I had prepped myself for the feelings of inadequacy, failure, & frustration that would inevitably come after my piece aired on the news.  I hoped that in preparation I could avoid calamity.  She found me anyway & I've been binging & moping & making poor choices for the better part of two weeks (I even missed my very first weigh-in last week under the guise that I couldn't go because I took a drink of water at 5:00 AM--for realz).

Intellectually I know that all of these feelings are A) ridiculous & B) fleeting.  My momma always said that all emotions are fleeting & that is why it is best not to make major longterm decisions based on temporary feelings.  Wise woman, my momma.  So, as I wait for my feelings to flit away, I started thinking about what I BELIEVE as opposed to what I FEEL.  I'm embarking on a two month reboot: going back to basics & refocusing on eating as fuel.  Here is what I believe to be true for me (note: I am NOT trying to imply this to be an absolute, overarching list of mandates for the masses) :

Food Creed

I believe that food is necessary to fuel my body & make me strong.
I believe that there are no off-limits foods; simply off-limits portions.
I believe that food will not solve a problem--unless the problem is hunger.
I believe that food from creation will always satisfy & nourish me more than food from production.
I believe that a wide variety of foods will provide me the nutrients that I need.
I believe that there are no "bad" foods.
I believe that eating too much food is just as wasteful as throwing food away.
I believe that making my own food helps me appreciate & enjoy it more.
I believe that fewer steps from source to table yields better nutrition for my body.
I believe that occasional food "splurges" are critical.
I believe that food must taste good & be nutrient rich.
I believe that my body can tell me how much food I need if I retrain myself to be receptive to its cues.
I believe that I alone am responsible for what & how much food I put into my body.
I believe that food isn't personal.

Do I follow or defer to these beliefs 100% of the time?  Absolutely not.  Just as anyone with any set of beliefs--be they spiritual, ethical or social--I screw them up.  Sometimes *gasp* on purpose.  I'm human.  Here's what I can do: I can refocus, reboot & recognize that these are the guiding beliefs that have gotten me this far & these are the beliefs that will take me the rest of the way.  Two months of re-commitment starts now (actually it started yesterday, but I was elbow deep in painting Coraline's birthday project & didn't take time to finish this up).


  1. Wow, I am going to post the Food Creed on my desk and frig. You are right it is never over, and WHEN you hit lifetime you don't graduate, unlike what most people want you to believe.

  2. Oh it's so true, it's never over. I've spent years examining my food choices. My mantra is constantly evolving. After tackling traditional fats, I'm now moving on to soaking grains and sour dough bread. I continue my hippy-dippy decent. Watch out next I'll be making my own yogurt and fermenting kimchi in the whey.