Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Sara + The Machine


This song.  So much:
I found myself hangin' with Ursula this afternoon & discovered this as a kick-hiney running song.  I already loved it as a grooving-in-the-kitchen, but when Florence wails "run fast for your mother," I really really wanted to!

Not only that, I really really wanted to keep running.  For the first time in a long time, I felt the thrill of fitness & wanting to make my body strong again.  I even started entertaining the idea of training for the local 20K in June. 

I was so excited about working out (wha-ha?!?!?) that I put on a clean pair of running tights & tank after my shower so that I'm ready to hit it again tomorrow morning.  Yup, I sleep in my work out wear to eliminate one excuse from the endless supply I find myself with at the crack of early. 

So here I sit ready (but for my new Smart Wool socks that are in the dryer--looooooove them) for my run in the morning & looking forward to my second ever plank (did one this afternoon after Florence got me all whipped up--10 seconds...I've got lots of room for improvement!).  It's time to make New Sara strong as well as lean.

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  1. Awesome! Sleeping in your workout clothes is a great idea. Never thought of that. I'm running Dam to Dam this year. I can run 2 miles without walking breaks (I did do a 5K in Jan and ran the whole thing but it was tough!) so I have a long way to go! But it will be worth it to get the medal at the end right?!? I also signed up for the Warrior Dash that's coming to Iowa in July. Now I'm sure I'm crazy. My favorite running song right now is Fort Minor- Remember the Name. A new song in my rotation that I'm liking is The Hours-Ali in the Jungle.