Thursday, February 16, 2012



What was I thinking starting a reboot of healthy habits THIS week...otherwise known as The Festival of Sara at our house.  With Valentine's Day, Coraline's Birthday/My Life Changing Anniversary & My Birthday within four days of one another, there is much celebrating, much revelry & much cake in our house.  And I have eaten cake. but reasonably.

Don't get me wrong, when I found myself with a box of our very absolute favorite Tricked Out Treats (check out the yellow hexagonal bumblebee cake in the gallery, that's Coraline's 1st birthday cake) cupcakes on Tuesday, I wanted to dive head first into them with out sharing a single crumb.  Thankfully, a friend's reminder to "be good to yourself" really hit home.  Yes, treats are appropriate & yes, they are good, BUT the best way to be truly good to myself is to give my body nourishment first & treats second.  This is a major shift from Old Sara's philosophy of binging on baked goods & then not eating any real food because I couldn't "afford" the calories.  The truth hurts.

Anyway, this week has been crazy busy & crazy fun, but the reminder to be good to myself has definitely helped me navigate with control & appropriate portions.  I even passed by an opportunity to sneak junk during a kid-free trip to Tar-jay because I knew that I would be eating plenty of treats this week & that needn't be one of them.  It felt good to prioritize & helped me enjoy that cupcake on Valentine's Day--& one today for Coralooney's birthday! 

And speaking of her birthday, part of what has kept me busy & made me want to grab quick & dirty food the last couple of weeks:



...Coraline's birthday play kitchen is done!  And the reception that it got this morning was priceless.  Chefs Coraline & Lincoln cooked up a storm all morning & served up a heaping helping of this-is-why-you-changed-your-life when I heard them saying things like "No, that's too much food at one time, it will make your tummy hurt" (Lincoln) & "I make-a spe-shul t'eat fo' after good dinner" (Coraline).  My heart melts.  Talk about a way to be good to myself. 


  1. I wish my kitchen looked that nice! I'm serious, you might need to consulted if I ever get my kitchen to redo!

  2. WOW!!! I did one of those too, but yours is AH MAY ZING!