Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sleeping re-Booty


"Oh, boy, sleep! That's where I'm a viking!" --Ralph Wiggum

In Week 1 of my reboot, I didn't exercise.  Not once.  Workouts & I are frenemies & we have to ease back to one another in a gentle sort of way.  So, this week I focused on the one thing that is critical in getting me back to workout ready: sleep. 

I'm a morning person.  Sometimes I live in denial of this fact.  The last couple of months have been so deep in denial that I can see Egypt (groan).  Anyway...when I'm doing my best I'm going to bed no later than 10:30 & getting up around 6, but it is so easy to be seduced by later evenings to hang out with the hubster or catch up on Pinterest (who am I's really all about Pinterest).  This week I went to bed promptly & got up early because of crazy stuff that we had planned each day.  I didn't work out (one morning I really did intend to hit Ursula with a boom stick--but woke up to find the cat had knocked over a vase of flowers & there was broken glass & plant-food-filled-sticky-water that needed to be cleaned up lest I end up with warped floors & a severed foot). 

Guess what?  Early to bed, early to rise didn't make Sara wealthy or wise, but I think it did go a ways toward healthy.  By the end of the week I was hopping out of bed just before my alarm started screaming & I had more energy throughout the day.  Now with my best sleep cycle restored & some extra energy burning a hole in my pocket, I'm feeling ready to start whooping it up again in the exercise department. 

I don't know why it's so hard for me to make the connection between good sleep & good exercise/results on the scale, but here I am re-learning it for the umpteenth time.  Sleeping to my internal clock is critical--because where else do I get to be viking?

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