Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Forever in Bluejeans


I've always been a denim lover...in fact the Recessional at our wedding was "Forever in Bluejeans."  Quite a few of my milestones have been marked by my blues (such as here & here & here). 

Since I've exhausted my stash of "Someday" jeans, I decided tonight was the night to treat myself to a fresh, new pair.  It turned into quite the red letter day.  Here they are, with the jersey I treated myself to now that I'm close enough to goal to feel like it was worth the money:
Shall we zoom in?

That's a Boy's Large (it was $15 cheaper than the Women's jersey!) & a Women's 8 (wha-ha??  Single digits?!?!?).  When I started this journey I was a snuuuuuuuugggg 2X & a 24W. 

All of this comes after a spectacular fail on Sunday in which I consumed 2/3 of a sleeve of Reduced Fat Club Crackers with what I'm estimating to be 3/4 cup of peanut butter.  *blurg*  Emotional eating is still alive & well, but here is my take away: I am not defined by my actions on one lousy day.  I am defined by the accumulation of my actions over time.  Not that the size on my pants is a defining thing in my life, but it is a tangible reminder of that which is: my hard work, effort, & determination.  And there's NOTHING blue about that!


  1. You go girl, that's awesome! I too bought a new pair of jeans today...a size 12! I MAY have done a little happy dance in the dressing room. The 10 was close...but not quite yet but I couldn't take the jeans falling off anymore. Love your blog. thanks for sharing your journey and your successes! :)

  2. Sara, this has been so much fun reading your journey! First, I love your writing style - it's always entertaining, or emotional, or just plain fun. And second - your enthusiasm just radiates through your words! I'm so happy that you share your successes AND your failures! It totally makes you human and real! But it sure is fun to read about your successes! Congrats, girl! That elusive size 8... ;)