Monday, April 4, 2011

The Hippie Mom


My mom was a hippie mom.  I used to affectionately make fun of her for baking our bread & making homemade fruit leather (okay, I wasn't affectionate about the fruit leather--I was spit-stomping mad that I couldn't have Fruit Roll-Ups like every other normal kid in the 80's). 

Now, this is what I have sitting on my kitchen counter:
That's applesauce on the left (something I've been doing since Lincoln started eating solids) & yogurt on the right (something I started doing last weekend).  So here I sit, the next generation of the hippie mom--or is that hippy mom?  Both, I guess.

The first time I did WW, I ate "Smart Ones" frozen meals three times/day, lost 10 pounds & then gave up.  Part of my process has been thinking about what I eat & what I feed my family.  Having nothing to do with my gender & everything to do with how Dave & I have chosen to split up family tasks, I do the vast majority of the cooking.  It is my responsibility to make sure we are not only fed, but nourished as well.  It only makes sense that the more real food we eat, the healthier we will be, the better we will feel & (unrelated side benefit) the cheaper it will be. 

So, here I am with applesauce & yogurt in the crock pots & a Google window open with bread making info.  I asked my hippie mom if she would be willing to part with her mill & she said it was mine if I wanted it...if I'm going to bake the bread, I might as well grind the flour, too...right?  Just call me The Getting-Little Red Hen.



  1. You should visit my sister's blog.... she's a "granola" mom as I call her affectionately :) She regularly makes her own bread and has also made yogurt as well.

    Here's a link to her blog:

  2. And she's posted all about those things!

  3. How did your yogurt turn out? Ours is almost gone! How do you make your applesauce? I haven't tried that one yet. Christy had a link to 5 minute a day bread that looked yummy! I'm wanting to try that.