Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goodbye to THE Jeans


Goodwill Run!
I don't know what's more depressing: that I had this much clothing that doesn't fit (the fourth such trip to Goodwill that I have made) or that we've spent this much money (& so much more) on diapers.

It feels good to be clearing out items that I can't wear anymore & I have fantasies that the people that find these things will be excited--of particular note, THE jeans that heralded my first time shopping in "regular" sizes in 10 years.  I thought about hanging on to them, but to what end?  They aren't my "before" pants & I can't wear them any more & goodness knows I have plenty of pictures of them (they are the ONLY pants I wore from November-January...if you saw me then, I was wearing them!).  Ultimately, it seemed better to let someone else get the remaining wear out of them. 

Run free, first skinny jeans.  I hope you find another girl who will love you like I did...& maybe out-shrink you, too!

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