Sunday, April 10, 2011



"It's kind of fun to do the impossible"  -Walt Disney

I'm not usually much for quotable quotes, but this was staring at me from my C25K app this morning & it made me oddly happy.  I never would have thought that I could run & now that I'm doing it, there is fun to be had in overcoming the perceived impossibility...if not in the running itself.

W2D1 is comprised of alternating 1.5 minute runs & 2 minute walks.  I was comfortable with the increase in running time, but I wanted the recovery time to be shorter.  I was feeling twitchy.  I could have ignored the prompts & gone rogue, but I decided that my experience & scientific training was probably insufficient to make the call.  Once again I'm choosing to trust the plan.

Here are a couple of other unrelated musings from this morning:

1.  Marching band is bad for your health.  To say nothing of the social implications in high school, participation in marching band was detrimental to my long term health.  I am incapable of running/walking to music & not trying to get in step.  You try doing that while running on uneven ground.  It's just a matter of time before I wipe out, but at least I'll be in step when I do it.

2.  I might not look as ridiculous as I feel.  Because I allowed myself the luxury of sleeping in until 6:30, I came across my first pedestrian observer this morning.  When I first noticed him walking his dog on the path ahead of me I was sure he was going to laugh openly as we passed...he didn't!  Now, that could have been because his "dog" was actually an enormous puppy who decided that running with me would be way more fun that ambling with his owner.  The poor guy had to really knuckle down to keep the puppy with him & I don't think that left much time for guffaws. 

3.  When I'm feeling down, I need to remember that it could always be worse.  I saw quite a few robins out this morning, bellies swollen & about ready to burst with the eggs to be laid.  They looked ridiculous & awkward & I couldn't help but think about the process of egg laying.  At least my babies were squishy.  Not that I'm feeling down, but it was a good reminder nonetheless.

4.  Sixty degrees is hot & I need to apologize to my neighbors for the strip show I put on at the end of my run.  It might be time to get some shorts...but that is a discussion for another day. 

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