Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let the Sun Shine


I don't sweat.

Now, before you get all jealous & tell me to go gripe somewhere else, let me tell you these two things:
  1. I can still work up a rank smell like a hog farmer in a chum factory.
  2. People need to sweat to cope with heat...panting like Lassie just doesn't cut it.
That being said, as an adult I have always hated the outdoors, specifically the outdoors during the summer months.  In Iowa, those months would be called May-October during an average year.  Old Sara dreaded any sort of outdoor occasion or event, even playing outside with the Lincolnator. 

I've been curious if this summer would be different.  Not that I would somehow magically start sweating, but that perhaps shedding pounds would make the weather hot--as opposed to too-hot-to-handle.

Well, by Jove, I think I just might enjoy being outside now!  I just spent a couple of hours outside at a birthday party & it was delightful.  Though only 75 degrees out, Old Sara would have been miserable in the direct sun.  Maybe Old Sara was a vampire--she was awfully pale. 

New Sara is excited to be able to spend lots of time outside with the wee ones, to garden & play & have picnics--just hold the garlic.  Hmmm...maybe New Sara is a vampire, too.

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