Wednesday, May 18, 2011

W6D1: I Wanna Go Fast


I'm channeling my inner Ricky Bobby...I just want to go fast. 

I was half way through a 5 minute running segment & had just come into a long straight section of my new route (more on that later) when I noticed what appeared to be a middle aged woman power walking in the distance.  But not too far in the distance.  She was close enough that I could visualize that I was gaining on her.  Close enough that I soon realized that she was a he & he was really booking.  He was doing one of those walks that has a better burn than most people do in their gym work-outs.  I was doing one of those runs that makes passersby wonder why I don't just give up & walk--it would be the same speed, but less painful to watch.  Nonetheless, I was making up ground between me & that old guy & the urge to pass him hit me like a ton of compost (did you know you can buy compost by the TON?!?--more on that later, too).  I realized that I have never passed anyone & I wanted it bad, so I kicked it up a notch. 

Looking down at my iPod, I realized that I wouldn't be able to catch him at that pace before my run segment was over.  I notched it up again.  I had him.  Geezer was going down (all apologies if you are or know said geezer, I hold you no ill will, I was just overcome in the moment).  Glanced at my iPod again.  Yup, I was going to catch him, but then I was going to immediately hit a walking segment & that would be awkward.  "Hey, I'm blowing past you just so I can walk in front of you & force you to look at my sagging rear in my compression you doin'?"

I made the executive decision that I would slow down & then maintain HIS pace for my walk & then easily pass him at the next run.  It was a beautiful plan.  It was foolproof.  It was apparently executed right outside of his house because the old duffer turned his power walking self into a driveway & waltzed right in the door.

I'm still seething.  The nerve.  Didn't he know I just wanted to pass him--or anyone.  I want to go fast & leave someone in my dust...maybe even hurling insults or obscene gestures as I do so.  Ok, I won't do THAT, but I do want to FEEL fast, like all of this effort is yielding some sort of tangible, measurable improvement.  At some point this 5k has gone from being something nice I'm doing for Dave, to something I'm doing to jump start the scale again, to something I'm doing for the sake of running. 

So, given that I know I'm not ACTUALLY fast, if any of you know anyone fresh off of a hip replacement or an easily distracted eight-year-old or an apathetic teenager, let me know.  I'd like to arrange a walk/run with them...& I'd like to leave them in my dust.

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  1. OMG I love this post! I just completed W5D3 and when Robert said day 3 people had just 3 minutes left in the run, I increased my speed for the whole 3 minutes. No one to race but myself, but I SO get it!!