Sunday, May 15, 2011

W5D3: On the Road


Old Sara thought that the ratty little "fitness centers" in budget hotels were the craziest things in the entire world.  Who goes on vacation to run in a dank closet adjacent to the humid indoor pool?

I DID!!!

Aside from being my first encounter with a treadmill run--a big enough accomplishment on its own--I ran at a hotel...on purpose.  I specifically chose a place on Expedia that offered a "fitness center" (complete with rickety treadmill, ancient bike & some sort of miniature stepper), I packed all of the appropriate things (even though it meant that I took three pairs of shoes for an overnight trip), & I even screwed up the courage to go to the front desk for the key when said "fitness center" was locked. 

I won't lie, it was a terrifying experience.  Beside being 100% convinced that I was going to shoot off of the back & crash into the over sized hotel "art" that was hanging directly behind me, I also had to deal with a completely glass door that looked out to the other patrons enjoying their continental breakfast.  Let me tell you, there's nothing like the scorn of sleepy Iowegians trying to enjoy their greasy biscuits & gravy to make you put a little extra get-up in your go.  The fear of falling & turning into breakfast theater kept me upright & though I was worried about holding on to the rails the whole time (Jillian tells me that you lose 25% of the burn that way), I didn't ever feel the urge to hold on...mostly because the rails were exactly 12" long & I would have had to stretch for them.

As a reward for overcoming my fears, I accomplished something I never would have thought I would even care to try: I ran for 20 minutes straight!  Maybe, just maybe, my looming 5K won't kill me after all.  Or maybe it will & they can put a memorial plaque up for me in the "fitness center" at the Williamsburg Best Western.  Either way seems fine by me.


  1. I downloaded Couch to 5k too and am a little scared of week 5. But hopefully, the preceding weeks really will prepare me for a full 20 minute run. Congrats on your 20 minutes! Oh also, I tried PB2 - awesome stuff! :D - Sarah B.

  2. It was my day to do W5D3 tonight, and I was scared, so I did a google search to see if anyone else had survived it. (Although, if they hadn't, they wouldn't be blogging about it, I suppose.) Anyway, I read your post and went out and did it. And lived!

    My old self shared the view of your old self of fitness centers in hotels. But now I always travel with my workout clothes.

    Thanks for helping me get through this day!