Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Open Letter to New Sara


Dear New Sara,

You've come a long way in 15 months.  You've shed a few pounds, eliminated some toxic behaviors, cultivated some good habits, & rediscovered your inner light.  What you haven't done is become a new person.

I say this because it seems that you have forgotten where we came from.  You were born in the girl who could house a whole package of Spring Oreos because it was a Tuesday.  You had your beginnings in the girl who sought solace/release/celebration in a dozen Krispy Kremes.  You came from the girl who could fix any problem with three courses & cocktails at Wallaby's.

Last night you did some "good" emotional, binge eating.  Let this be a reminder: you have an eating disorder that will be with you until the day you die.  If hunger isn't the problem, food isn't the solution & you have no right to eat to medicate.  It's not fair to you, it's not fair to your family. 

Moreover, on a broader scale, it's not fair to those that would give anything to be healthy but aren't.  You have a gift in the chance at health & longevity.  Don't take your body for granted & don't squander your opportunity.  Life is short; do you really want to fritter it away eating processed poison?

Now is not the time for complacency.  You will likely never be able to eat like a "normal" person, but better to be abnormal & healthy than normal & obese...or dead.  Straighten up girl & fly right.

Old Sara


  1. **Love it!** Thanks again for being such an inspiration!!!

  2. As Geneen Roth says, Food is a physical substance and can only satisfy a physical need. That's why food doesn't really satisfy us when we eat for emotional needs. If only we could remember that before we start!