Monday, May 2, 2011

Weight-y Eats


I am not a very good cook.  I am not a foodie.  I am, however, an eater.  I love to eat.  One of the big pieces to my puzzle has been figuring out what to eat & how much of it to eat.   

Whereas Old Sara ordered a lot of take-out & went out to eat all of the time, New Sara cooks nearly every week night & forages weekend dinners out of the frozen leftovers of prior meals.  I wouldn't say that I enjoy cooking, but I definitely enjoy the fruit of my labor: healthy food that largely tastes good. 

I've stayed away from recipe posts because the BIGGEST piece of my puzzle has & always will be the mental work.  That is what has driven me to write & what interests me the most.  I got to be 269 pounds because there were things that were broken in my head that caused me to eat in unhealthy ways.  However, ignoring food & eating seems a bit disingenuous. 

A lot of people have asked me "what do you eat?" & I always end up sputtering & stammering--am I supposed to throw out a Split Pea Soup recipe on the spot?  Or is that just another silver bullet question?  I'm not sure, but I do know that I've thrown a new tab at the top of my blog called "Weight-y Eats."  Right now, it's just a couple of ugly little links.  Maybe at some point I'll doll it up with some pictures or a scratch-&-sniff monitor feature.  Regardless, I'm going to start posting some of my favorite recipes. 

I'd love it if people would use the comments on the recipes to toss around other ideas/recipes/links.  I am a big believer in eating what tastes good & is good fuel & that combination can be hard to achieve.  Let's help each other out!   


  1. Enchiladas
    I'm a huge fan of enchiladas. We eat vegetarian ones. They produce a ton of left overs and each enchilada is 8 PointsPlus. I shred some lettuce, dice some green pepper, tomatoes and green onion with cilantro as a salad on top.

    Curry is also a staple. I like the green curry paste from Thai Kitchen. I make it vegetarian with butternut squash, onions, tomatoes, coconut milk and broccoli. Serve it with some brown rice. You can make it as hot or not as you like. I also make Baigan Bharta: Indian egg plant curry.

    Catfish with Sweet Potato and Peas
    We have this once a week. A half fillet of catfish breaded and grilled on the Foreman with a baked sweet potato a half tablespoon of butter and a cup of peas. It's 11 PointsPlus.