Friday, October 7, 2011

It Starts in the Kitchen


Since we're going to be busy tomorrow morning when I typically would go to my weigh-in, I went this morning.  My goal: lose the 2.4 lbs I biffed last week. 

Speed Bump on the Way to my Goal: my left knee has been hurting pretty steadily this week.  Monday was the only day that I exercised at all.  At all. 

So I was ultra conscious of tracking.  Even when I splurged on animal crackers with frosting, I counted & measured.  Who does that?  Freaks like me.  And this freak, was treated to a pleasant reminder that the effort to shed pounds starts in the kitchen--not in the gym.  Down 2.6 lbs.  Not only did I kick the 2.4 lbs from last week, but I lost 0.2 "new" lbs as the cherry on top. 

It's so easy to get hyper-focused on the exercise component of weight loss.  It's exciting, it's action packed, & it yields a sense of accomplishment that just can't be found in choosing celery over Krispy Kremes.  Imagine an episode of "The Biggest Loser" where they showed nothing but food journaling & meal prep & menu planning...snooze.  It's boring, but it's essential.   While exercise is vital to HEALTH, the foundation of weight loss is good food choices. 

Since my goal is both weight loss & health, I'm glad that my knee is starting to feel much better & I'm itching to get out & do my second 5K (get the blow by blow on my first 5K here) on Sunday.  The mother-in-law & I are going to rock us some arthritis research fundraising.  Watch out, 38'55"...I'm comin' for you!

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