Sunday, October 30, 2011



We're that family.  You know, the ones with the themed Halloween costumes.  Dave & I started the tradition in college:

Kept it going when we were just a couple of young married kids:

And then dragged our kids along for the ride:

Last year, the Pirate Year, Lincoln had two loves that we contemplated when making our costume choice, the obvious pirates &...superheroes.  In the summer of 2010, Lincoln started to enjoy the idea of supers.  The kid "flies" everywhere.  He can "sing" the Superman Theme.  There's something about the idea of good guys vs bad guys & supernatural abilities that just resonates with him (& now Coraline too, since she is his little shadow).  At the point that we started talking about Costume 2010, I had shed about 50-60 lbs & I was starting to feel good about myself, but not Lycra/Spandex good about myself.  So we chose pirates (thanks to this spectacular book) & I called my shot: "Halloween 2011 will be the year of Supers."  I kept it close to the vest.  There weren't many people that knew the plan, even the people that knew of Lincoln's Superman were largely in the dark about New Sara's plans.

I'd be lying if I said that this silly costume idea hadn't motivated me over the past year & a half.  We started talking up a Superman costume to Lincoln early on (just like I did with the garden, I knew that if Lincoln's heart was set on it, I would make it happen).  We mulled over the options.  My nerd lovely husband had to come to grips with the fact that we were going to have to mix superhero universes (I just couldn't put my baby in a catsuit, so that eliminated most of the traditional female options in either the DC or Marvel canon).  After much contemplation & debate, I present you with:

Wonder Woman, Superman, Bubbles & Wolverine

I planned & plotted the Wonder Woman year carefully.  First, I found a version that included a skirt (New Sara still has her limits).  Then I worked hard.  Key to me feeling comfy claiming Wonder Woman: the demise of Opal.  In the absense of surgical intervention, I don't know that she'll ever be gone, but I'm content being a middle-aged mom of two with a little jelly on the top of my muffin & I think Wonder Woman understands that concept.  Afterall, she is an Amazon can't tell me that in a community full of strong women there weren't a few bearing the proud scars of motherhood.  Knowing that Lincoln was counting on me to hold up my end of the bargain was just the kick I needed to send Opal to the curb & I can honestly say that I'm pretty comfortable in MOST shirts now. 

Once I started feeling like Wonder Woman could be a reality, I had to start gathering materials.  I'm NOT a sewer, but I'm a maniac with a glue-gun.  The key for me & costume making is to find the base materials that I can customize with felt (no frayed edges!) & glue.  Here are the non-weight related deets on the costumes:

Wonder Woman's Skirt: two clearanced window valances star stamped with potatoes
Wonder Woman's Bracelets & Tiara: clearanced cuff bracelets & a cheapy headband spray painted gold
All Boots: polyester socks with shoes underneath (they only have to last two wearings!)
All Badges: traced & razored out of cheap felt squares
Superman's Cape: clearance pillowcase
Wolverine's Belt: a strip of the red flat sheet from the clearanced set I got for the pillowcase/cape
Superman & Wolverine's Briefs: Victoria's Secret (probably some of the biggest splurges, but so worth it!)
Bubbles' Belt: a women's felt headband

Add a couple of leotards (yep, that's Dave in a women's leotard), some tights, & a blue dress along with some purchased details that were above my paygrade (wig, claws, Wolverine mask) & ta-da.  The great thing about all of this stuff is that I know my kids will play with it a TON, so I don't really feel that I've wasted anything.  And my kids were over the moon when they saw the finished product all put together. 

And me, I am over the moon that in a year's time I've gone from scallywag to Wonder Woman. 


  1. Oh you and the glue gun. You are amazing! I assumed you bought your costume!

  2. awesome costumes and awesome progress pic!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! You are super talented, girl!

  4. Scarlet O'Hara went out to conquer the world in her mother’s green velvet curtains. You've got potato stamped navy window valences.