Friday, October 28, 2011

Put a Ring On It


Yesterday I got to be married again. 

I've been wearing string on my wedding/engagement rings for about a year (as seen here) to keep them from falling off.  Over the course of the year, I've added to the string (but never changed it--I know, I'm disgusting).  Prior to the addition of string, I never took my rings off, but in the post-string world I took them off all of the time, because who wants moldy, rotting string hands on their bread?  I've got hooks or dishes by all of the sinks & often I would forget to put them back on.  I've caught more than a few askance glances when I've been out ring-less with my kids (which is a sad commentary on judgemental strangers, but that is completely off topic). 

After a year of string & being within throwing distance of goal, I decided that my fingers will likely not get that much smaller & I took the plunge to have them sized.  It was an extremely exciting moment.  Here's what they looked like (the beautiful sunshine on that day doesn't do them justice--they were so disgusting that when I handed them to the fellow at the shop, I think he actually cringed):

The rings were purchased at a small local jeweler (if you're in central Iowa, check them out, all of there stuff is a-maah-zing).  When we went in to pick out our bands as dewy eyed youths, I had a vision of what I wanted: a wide band with small diamonds inset around the whole band.  I went to school with the woman that helped us pick them out, & she advised against putting the diamonds all the way around because, "it would be difficult if it ever needed to be sized."  I distinctly remember thinking, "when they need to be sized, I'll just stop wearing them."  Thinking about that girl, Old Sara, who was resigned to not wearing her precious wedding rings before she even had the state's permission to wear them breaks my heart.

Well, check out my precious now!  It's even so shiny that you can see the camera reflected if you look really closely.  I'm glad I took Katie's advice about not putting stones all the way around & am glad to put a ring on it & be married again.  And as a completely superficial side benefit to shedding pounds & getting thinner fingers: my rock looks bigger.  It's like getting a free upgrade.

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