Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello, Mr. Franklin!


No make-up, just a big-old grin!
In an extreme act of hubris, I made a shirt to commemorate my birthday/anniversary/centennial...lucky me it didn't end up acting as a reminder of failure.  Instead, I can proudly say I am down 100 (.4) pounds from this day last year.  Happy Birthday to me!  Now, where's my cake?

This milestone has a tinge of bitter-sweet to it (just a tinge!).  A couple of weight loss attempts ago, when my starting weight would have been below two bills, I actually gave up before I started because "I don't have 100 pounds to lose, so what's the point?"  Cra-zy.  I remember feeling like it wouldn't be an accomplishment to "only" lose 70 pounds, so it wasn't worth the effort.  Not that I was consciously trying to gain the extra 30 (40, 50, etc) pounds, but I wasn't willing to try to lose if I wasn't going to be able to have the glory of 100.  Looking back on that I'd like to slap Old Sara across the face...New Sara would have been at goal a couple of months ago if Old Sara hadn't been such a chump. 

BUT, I can't change the past & I sure as heck don't have anything to be glum about in the present.  I've even got a couple of unrelated NSVs that made my day yesterday:

1.  I was talking to my grandma on the phone & she said that in the most recent picture I sent to her that I looked TALLER.  Now, of course I haven't grown, but just like any short girl, I'll celebrate a good optical illusion any day!

2.   I was out in the street in front of my house (but not in my own driveway/yard) on the way to the mailbox & one of my neighbors was in his driveway.  I waved.  He didn't...& then he double checked me.  I don't know this fellow very well, but he is quite friendly, so I can eliminate the notion that he was just being grouchy.  That leaves me with the idea that he didn't recognize me.  Here's to winter & not seeing your neighbors for long enough to become unrecognizable to casual acquaintances! 


  1. That's awesome!! And look at you ---- you are so skinny!!! I love it!! And what's even better is that the weather is warm enough for you to actually wear that short sleeve shirt on a random Thursday in February :) Congrats 100X over!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, so, so very proud of your accomplishment!!! You look fantastic, and I loved the letter to Coraline!! What a wonderful way to view it - taking care of your body, not just losing weight, not just trying to 'look' better - but to BE better!!

    I cried a few tears of joy in your honor today!!!

  3. Hooray to you, Sara! You look fabulous :)

  4. Woohoo!! And congrats on your article. :)