Saturday, August 20, 2011

Four Weeks For Health: Week 4


The final leg of my Four Weeks goal has come to an end &...

Week 4 Actions (what I did differently):
    Food-Free Fair Fun
  • I went to the Fair.  While this seems counter productive, I was very intentional with my food & beverage choices.  I stayed hydrated.  I chose treats that were really "worth it" for me (mmmm, cookies in a cup--to share).  I didn't feel cheated or bloated--a resounding accomplishment in the name of moderation.  I still had fun seeing fair sights even though I didn't eat my way through as I have in years past.  Another thank you to Jack Decoster & salmonella poisoning!
  • I scheduled my workouts.  I have long been a believer in scheduling my meals.  I plan all of our dinners for the week on Sunday & my breakfast & lunch are planned the night before.  When I plan my food, I make good choices & know what wiggle room I have for special occasions or surprises.  This week I decided to look at workouts the same way.  I put my workouts in my planner, in pen & I stuck to it.  For the first time EVER I got in a workout every day.  Not that I think that is a requirement for every week, but I had the time & energy this week, so I did it.  I think I will definitely stick to scheduling my workouts in the future.
Week 4 Results: Down 0.4 lbs--"healthy!"

There is a lot that can be said on the issue of healthy weights/bmi/body fat percentage/body image & all of the things relating to those controversial topics.  Bottom line for me: on one possibly arbitrary scale I am registering as a healthy weight for the first time in over 10 years.  Am I that different than I was last week?  Not really, but it is a nice mental boost to be able to say that I am no longer "overweight"--whatever that means.  Ultimately, I'm still not at my own personal goal, & that's really what matters. 

More important than the number on the scale, I've had FOUR STRAIGHT WEEKS of weigh-ins with positive results.  Mentally I needed that more than I needed the scale to say 150 lbs.  What I've re-learned from this process is that it doesn't matter how close I feel I am or should be to my goal, I still have to take it week by week just as I did in the beginning.  The big picture is comprised of all of the small pictures (each food choice, drink of water or workout) strung together.  I am 16 lbs from my final goal, but here's what I want right now: another week of positive results.  That is what works.  As proof, here is what week taking week by week steps can do over the course of a year:

State Fair Date 2011
State Fair Date 2010

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