Friday, February 25, 2011

Feeling Funky


I'm trying to fight off the blues today.  It's chilly.  My laundry is out of control.  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. 
I have failed to take my own advice & I've been thinking about my end goal.  It's close enough to feel attainable, but still so far away.  Once again I'm left feeling discouraged by the fact that I have come so far & I'm STILL.NOT.DONE. 
I know I should be happy.
I know I should be proud.
I know that this is just a temporary feeling.
But no matter how many positive thoughts I think, mini-celebrations I concoct, or times I count my blessings, I'm just in a funk today.  
So, in honor of feeling funky...
So glad I have so many people around me who understand me.

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