Friday, February 4, 2011

Knee to the Psyche


My knee is a bum...or just is bum.  Either way, I hurt my knee (getting the baby out of the van--lame!) & haven't been able to work out much at all this week.  It had started feeling better, so I went to Zumba last night & now it's an angry knee, "bent" on keeping me downtrodden & a couple of steps behind my racing children.

In pursuit of another big goal that is once again tied to a specific time-frame (why do I keep doing this to myself?), I've been a little depressed about it all week.  On top of that, I'm in the middle of another big Opal resurgence, which is always a kick in the self-esteem.  The funny thing: the depression is exactly what I needed to perk me back up.  How's this for bass ackwards (thank you, Mom)? 

I can't do anything about Opal.  I've figured out that as I shed pounds it comes from different places & my body seems to have a cycle where I lose some rump & I lose some boob & am left with some bump in the middle for a couple of weeks. It is what it is & I just need to power through.  BUT, as to the knee depression, Old Sara wouldn't have been depressed at all!  Old Sara would have been pretty darn excited to have a legit reason to stay far away from anything with any kind of impact, low or high.  Old Sara would have been only too happy to throw in the towel & let the process derail.  New Sara is depressed.  Huzzah!

Here's to depression & not letting it ruin my progress to goal: 100 pounds gone by February 17.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your knee. I've felt the same way about my back the past few months. It makes me even more upset when I know how exercise really helps in the calorie counts each day. I practically can't make it through a day with out extra exercise calories! It's hard but give it a couple days and hopefully you'll be kickin' it again soon!!!