Saturday, February 26, 2011

Funk Dispelled



This morning at my weigh-in, I was sitting in my usual spot, sipping my usual non-descript coffee, feeling pleased with a reasonable (1.4 pounds) weight loss, yet still feeling a bit glum about the enormity of my task, when one of my Weight Watchers friends said (completely out of the blue), "I printed your picture from the article & I keep it at my desk to remind me that it's possible." 

I don't have any words to express what this means to me & how thankful I am for Sylvia who had the courage to say such kind words to me.  Little did she know that she helped me way more than I can ever possibly help her. 

On a completely unrelated note, Lincoln has learned how to use the camera & regularly requests "funny faces" to be the subject of his three-year-old art.  Feast your eyes on a one-of-a-kind Link original:

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  1. I'm loving the string on your ring!! Thanks for being awesome!!