Friday, February 18, 2011

A Reflective Week


Today is the big day of my article in the Des Moines Register!  What a way to cap off an amazing week!  I'm in a little bit of a daze thinking about it all. 

In the midst of the hoopla, I took a minute yesterday to look at pictures from 2/17/10:

Then I flipped trough a few of my "progress" pictures:

June 2010
August 2010

December 2010

I realized that at the respective times of these pictures, I thought that each was the best picture I had ever taken.  I was proud of the accomplishments displayed in each of these images.  I can look at them now & pick apart things that I am glad have changed, but I was happy & appreciative in the moment.  As a woman, that is so hard to do & I am proud that I have largely maintained a positive attitude throughout this process. 

I also went back & read some old posts.  Re-reading my "origin story" & "aha moment" really brought be back to a place where I am excited to tackle the last leg of my journey.  It can be so easy to let an accomplished mini-goal metamorphosis into complacency, but not this time.  I'm not done!  I'm still outside of my healthy weight range & that's where my ultimate goal lies: health & wellness by the end of 2011!