Thursday, February 24, 2011

Picture Perfect


This morning we got gussied up & had family pictures taken.  In the tradition we started when Link was one year old, we combined Cora's first anniversary of life with an updated family mug shot, our last being when she was just hatched (about 85 pounds ago).  In the course of getting ready & taking these pics, two totally unrelated--but equally shocking--things happened. 

Shocker #1:  Old Sara would have used a morning family outing as a justification for breakfast a la Mickey D's.  Not for Link, mind you.  That would be unhealthy.  He would have been munching on grapes & cereal & milk while I would have had some manner of pastuerized, processed grease sandwich.  New Sara didn't even think of drive-thru anything until Dave pointed it out.  Ironically I had a breakfast sandwich anyway, but with a whole wheat muffin & turkey sausage I feel pretty confident that my choice was far superior.

Shocker #2:  Old Sara spent any sort of picture taking event thinking about the complex geometry involved in hiding an obese woman behind a toddler.  Old Sara was mindful of the exact angle to minimize the number of chins caught on camera.  Old Sara had perfected the art of not breathing for a whole hour long photo session.  New Sara sat & took pictures & concentrated on the quest of getting one shot in which two small children & two big ones were all looking moderately happy--or at least not angry. 

What a difference a year makes.

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