Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to the Future


On the list of things I did not do today:
  1. I did not make my bed.
  2. I did not put on make-up to take my kids to their gym class.
  3. Heck, I did not shower to take my kids to their gym class.
  4. I did not put the next coat of Polycrylic on my counter.
  5. I did not help my kid decorate his school bag.
  6. I did not do the two loads of laundry that I had planned, nor did I fold the two loads sitting in the basket from yesterday.
On the list of things I did do today:
  1. I took my kids to their gym class & ran & threw & kicked & obstacle coursed with them.
  2. I took my kids to see GG (an hour away).
  3. I got my hair cut.
  4. I drove home from GG's with a couple of fussy, then sleeping kids.
  5. I went to Zumba.
  6. I ate dinner at home from the nutritious (if monotonous) dinner that I had planned & prepped ahead of time.
Also on the list of things that I did not do today:
  1. I did not give in to the strong desire to "grab something quick" for dinner.
  2. I did not ditch Zumba because I was "too tired."
The phrase "moral victory" comes to mind.  I'd love to say that I made these good choices effortlessly & that it all came as second nature.  Nope!  This was a conscious struggle from the minute I looked at my planner & thought about my day.  I knew that I would want to flake out on dinner & Zumba & feel "justified" in doing so because I was tired from a long day.  And it was a long day.  We were out of the house at 8:30 & got back at 4 with a lot of running around with two little kids in between. 

Here's what I did to cope.  I decided that I wasn't going to be a foregone conclusion.  I sent an email to a few sisters-at-arms to keep me accountable.  And I pre-wrote this post...as I "speak" it is 7:00 AM.  I'm posting it either way, but here's to hoping I don't have to add an embarrassing coda.

Great Scott!--Flux Capacitor, don't fail me now.

...embarassing coda...
Literally as I was sitting putting the finishing touches on this post at 5:00 this evening, I got a call from my hubby.  "Working late, eat without me, sorry about Zumba."  It took me five hours to get up the gumption to say this...

Today I did not:
  1. I did not go to Zumba.
  2. I did not go out to eat.  (I am counting this as an even bigger victory than previously planned because I RE-HE-HE-HEALY wanted to scoop the kids up & find a drive-thru. 
Poor Dave, he feels like a heel, but I'm not upset.  I did the best with the cards that I was dealt & that's what life is all about.  Flux Capacitor...fluxxing.

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